Interesting Things You Should Know About The Human Body

Children are naturally curious and love to learn new things. You can give them an introduction to the human body by sharing some of the Top 20 Facts about the human anatomy. Besides being an amazing specimen, the body also has interesting capabilities. The most obvious examples of these are our hands, feet, and ears, which all contain hundreds of nerves. In fact, the femur, the longest bone in the human body, is 2.8 millimeters long.

The average human body contains enough sulfur to kill fleas, carbon to make 900 pencils, potassium to fire a toy cannon, and fat to make seven bars of soap. A person’s belly button is home to 67 types of bacteria.

The human body is made up of many parts and is an interesting wonderland. For example, babies have more bones than adults. The human heart can pump about eighty-two million liters of blood over its lifetime and replaces around fifty thousand cells. A baby’s eyelids cannot shed tears until it is a month old. A woman’s eyelids are also larger than a man’s.

The human brain produces enough electricity to light a light bulb, and a woman’s tongue has ten thousand taste buds. The left side of the human brain controls the left side of the body. The average adult male’s brain weighs about three hundred and a half grams, while a baby’s only about one hundred and fifty grams.