Have You Ever Tasted Tabasco? Well, Think About It Again.

Have You Ever Tasted Tabasco? If you haven’t, you should!

This spicy hot sauce has become so popular it has even made its way into space!

Astronauts love the sauce! As their sense of smell is severely diminished, they crave the heat and the flavor of spicy foods. If you’ve never tasted Tabasco, you’re missing out! Read on to find out how to prepare it at home!

The history of Tabasco is fascinating.

Its founder, Edmund McIlhenny, began making it in 1866 using old cologne bottles. These bottles were the perfect vessel for hot sauce, as they were discarded and not suitable for use as perfume. Despite their emptiness, these cologne bottles included sprinkler fitments. This technology-enabled drops of hot sauce to be released instead of a large amount, preventing tongue burn in 19th-century consumers. This technology has been carried forward in the brand’s modern bottle, which still includes a sprinkler mechanism to prevent spills.

The infamous Tabasco bottle is just as iconic as the brand’s history.

Unlike its predecessors, Tabasco wasn’t always packaged in these bottles. Rather, McIlhenny’s father used old cologne bottles to package his hot sauce. These discarded containers were the perfect vessel for a hot sauce and were able to handle the intense heat it was destined to unleash.

The famous bottle of Tabasco isn’t the only reason this hot sauce is a part of American history.

The hot sauce isn’t only a Louisiana staple, it’s also a global phenomenon. It’s a worldwide sensation that can be used in countless ways. If you’ve never tried Tabasco before, you’re missing out on a cultural phenomenon. And if you’ve never tried it, you’re missing out on a lot of history!

The famous bottle of Tabasco is not the original bottle of Tabasco.

Originally, the sauce was aged for 30 days in stone jars. Today, the bottle of Tabasco has been in circulation since the mid-19th century. Its origins date back to the nineteenth century. While it isn’t a brand, it is an American cultural icon. And it isn’t just a spicy hot sauce.

Although Tabasco is the world’s hottest sauce, it wasn’t always packaged in these iconic bottles. The founder of Tabasco, after all, used old cologne bottles. The discarded cologne bottles were the perfect vessel for hot sauce and allowed it to be diluted with white oak. The sprinkler technology was so successful that today’s bottle contains all the same ingredients as the original one.

The original Tabasco recipe calls for a pinch of the sauce.

To taste it, all you need to do is sprinkle it on a piece of toast or a piece of chicken. If you don’t want to use too much, you can just add a bit of it to your salad or sandwich. Its garlic taste will make your friends jealous. When it comes to the hot sauce, the Tabasco brand has long been the most widely sold in the U.S.