Is Ham Healthy? Here’s What a Nutritionist Thinks

If you’re not familiar with ham, it’s a pork cut that is usually preserved by smoking, curing, or dry-curing. This type of processed meat is one of the least healthy meats available, but it has many benefits. Read on to learn more about ham’s health benefits.

Ham has several benefits, but it is not necessarily healthy for everyone. Processed meats are high in sodium and are associated with an increased risk of cancer. In addition, eating processed meat can lead to other health risks. The Gettysburg Cancer Center warns that ham is high in fat and sodium, which is bad for the heart.

The best type of ham for health-conscious individuals is uncured ham. This type contains no preservatives and is made without nitrites. An uncured ham should have a low sodium content, but check the labels to make sure it is nitrate-free. Nitrite-free deli ham is best.

Ham is not healthy for people with a compromised immune system. It can cause serious side effects in these people. You should eat uncured ham instead. The uncured variety is the healthiest, but it does contain nitrates.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Health found that red meat contains more sodium than white meat. The study also noted that people who consume red meat had a higher level of TMAO in their blood than those who ate no meat. As a result, ham has the potential to be healthy if eaten in moderation. But, you should also remember that consuming ham regularly can have serious consequences.